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December 19 2015


Singapore Office Interior Design Experts

Backed up over two decades of combined experience, OSCA team delivers high standard interior design solutions. Our business development personnel, interior designers, and project managers are dedicated to assisting you enjoy a more professional and credible image through upgraded business facilities. Our customer-centric approach allows us to be a reliable partner in each and every stage of development.

Want to learn more about our interior design capabilities?

Before starting with any project, OSCA performs an extensive analysis of project feasibility. We use our expertise in design and architecture in order to fully understand the potential of existing or new space.

As a part of our strategic conceptualization, we perform initial onsite visits to perform our facility planning and test fitting. Aside from the design, we are also concerned about the technical aspects of the building and construction.Our streamlined process enables us to come at a reliable estimation of cost and schedule implications. We then put together a suitable course of action which ensures high-quality, time-sensitive, and on-budget results.

OSCA helps its client companies to nurture greater synergy between their working environment and organizational goals. Our corporate design solutions focus on long-term objectives, leaving room for business growth and development.

Using 3D graphics, we present conceptualized designs that are in accordance with our client’s unique space requirements. The development phase is supported by thorough documentation of costs and other important factors. Aside from service office cost consultation, we also provide advice on procurement and inventory.

Our effective methodologies combined with the expertise of our people ensure a satisfying project turnaround. We design corporate office spaces that improve productivity, encourage collaboration, and optimize processes.

Our project management services look beyond overseeing every stage of development. The OSCA team is proactive, systematically meeting requirements from beginning to end. From consultation to completion, clients can count on us for any concerns or issues they may have associated with project. We are well-equipped to manage various kinds of design and build challenges.

No matter what the nature of business, we help clients follow strict industry guidelines by filing the appropriate paper works and undergoing necessary clearance tests. Guided by regulatory standards, we perform health, safety, and risk assessments in all our projects. We also do professional quantity surveys.

OSCA has a wide network of resources that enable us to offer effective design and build consultancy office renovations singapore services. Equipped with strong industry knowledge and advanced design tools, we will develop practical and insightful solutions that address specific space challenges.

Other than providing architectural advice, additionally we help clients be familiar with mechanical and electrical engineering aspects of their construction project. We commercial interior design singapore find new ways to expedite the entire process, which results to minimum business downtime and maximum project efficiency.

As opposed to having template solutions, OSCA offers flexible interior design options. With experience handling clients from different sectors, we will singapore commercial design provide customized value-added services that fit your individual office needs. Our expertise covers areas like acoustics, audiovisual systems, security management, IT centre, and disaster planning.

OSCA’s interior design process was specially designed with corporate settings as the primary goal. Our integrated approach takes into consideration various factors, all of these help us to formulate a strategy that promotes quality, speed, and client satisfaction. While functionality is a key concern, we make sure to inject an artistic flair in all our projects. We constantly push for innovative designs that channel an image of professionalism.

In the initial stages of development, we focus heavily on project analysis and industry research. We help clients to ascertain their requirements, aligning it with their resources which include time and budget.

We hold in-depth discussions with the client team, making sure that both sides understand fully the project objectives and limitations. We also agree on the creative direction and building schedule.

Possibly the most exciting and dynamic part is the conceptualization. With clearly set parameters, we develop and present mood boards, and also interior draft blueprints. These proposed materials go through a series of revisions and refinements based commercial interior designers on regular client consultations.

With close supervision of OSCA’s senior management team, we proceed to the construction or renovation of the office office design singapore space based on the agreed-upon blueprint. We then procure all the necessary furnishings from our trusted network of suppliers. Prior to the turnover, we let the client inspect the facilities for any alterations and final approval.

December 09 2015


Singapore Serviced workplace rental for new startup

Lion Area Offices is devoted to aid anyone get the serviced workplace that's ideal to your business.

What can be serviced office?

When you think about renting an office, it is not merely the expense of what is stated inside the rental agreement together together with your landlord, there are a great many other concealed price which you may not really end up being aware of, especially if you are usually beginning a fresh office within the first place.

There are many associated costs like:

1. Furniture cost. This is often a relatively hefty on 1 occasion upfront investment to your office furniture

2. Receptionist cost. When you're a small commence up, you may not necessarily become able to afford a complete time receptionist. Making Use Of any serviced office truly permits one to use a expert front within the form of a receptionist counter

3. Web Access. unlike residential web internet access, anyone must arrange along together with your World wide web Supplier and creating facility management to be able to enable your corporate net access. Also, speed regarding speed, corporate web subscriptions are more pricey when compared with residential broadband

4. IT infrastructure – Getting your online access is just the first step. setting your router, firewall along using other IT infrastructure needs planning as well as budget

5. Utility – Well, utility is actually part and also parcel regarding virtually any type of “space rental” within Singapore. If you may be relocating an unfurnished office, you may need to setup your air cooling system.

6. Printing – Have Confidence In us, even with most the internet, printing documents is an important a office interior design portion of the business. In the actual event that you need to print top quality documents, you'll have got to help make use of a full-service professional printer which may set a person back simply by SGD$100 for each month easily.

7. Lease – Nearly All offices come using one year or perhaps two many years lease in the extremely lease. And Also in the event you are a commence up, in most credibility the odds of surviving the really first year isn’t within your favour. Opting to obtain a serviced workplace allows one to have temporary lease (some occasions even 1 month). This specific decreases the liability inside regards to contractual leasing terms.

As such, using a serviced office in which in turn the service office provider rents a complete floor (sometimes smaller) along with partition it into smaller shared office can always be a no-brainer effortlessly the advantages above.

Serviced Workplace is The Solution

Renting a enterprise office within Singapore is actually typically single to always be able serviced office rent to 36 months commitment. for larger offices (for shipping,banking etc), lease can take excess involving 5 years due for the higher setup fees with regard serviced office space singapore to renovations, interior planning and furnishing incurred upfront.

If you are a reduced setup (with less than 10 users), opting to acquire a serviced workplace may be an even more viable and economical option because of for the following reasons:

No office furniture setup fees. Furniture are generally provided by the serviced office provider

No renovation fees. Serviced offices tend to be ready to maneuver inside – totally furnished. Just bring the computers and also your self and also you may well be ready to go.

No long lasting commitment. A number Of serviced office leases could be as brief as 1 month (even two weeks) in the big event you are mobile as well as in the huge event you are a foreigner trying to work to obtain a really brief time period involving time

As such, the economic benefits of using serviced workplace rental for temporary or perhaps little workplace setup regarding workplace rental within Singapore tend to be actually obvious.

Usually companies who opt for serviced office are:

1. New start ups

2. Current companies who're within service market (consulting solutions etc)

3. big or even set up companies who are usually required ad-hoc area regarding temporary tasks (and as such temporary workplace rental)

4. Businesses who are transiting (moving through one workplace for you to another) and want short term transition office

When it will come down in order to renting any serviced office inside Singapore, typically for slightly more than $1000/month (Singapore dollars), you tend to be in a new position to get yourself a small cozy workplace housing one in order to three serviced office rent in singapore individual (in several non-CBD places you'll end up being in any position to house as a lot as 4 or even more).

The services that you could expect (we can not guarantee it here as it depends about the distinct support provider) are:

1. Shared meeting space space.

Usually this arrives within the form of the specific number of meeting room hrs for each month. Beyond this allocated quota, you will usually have in order to spend (a preferred charge normally) on a per use or even hourly basis. Verify together along with your serviced office provider in this

2. Shared receptionist space

This can end up being a fairly common feature for the particular majority of established serviced workplace providers. Getting the shared office interior design receptionist front provides your own organization having a much more skilled image. Because a new little company, your staff or your self may be from workplace the vast majority of the some time and creating a shared receptionist area keeps your workplace working constantly with a person professional to adopt messages

3. call Answering Services

Having somebody to adopt your current customers’ incoming calls as well as route all of them to the different in costs in your organization projects an expert image. And Also in the wedding you are generally out regarding town with regard to business trips (or holiday), getting somebody to adopt messages as well is actually a fantastic help

4. Concierge Services

Sending mails, checking the mailboxes, arranging pertaining to courier occupy precious time. Along With the actual administrative function can be step to your company’s success. Following all, you can not be handling all regarding the little issues personally. by outsourcing the particular non-core capabilities out, you get in order to target a lot more in your business. most set up serviced workplace providers provide concierge services, seek guidance from all of them regarding details

If you are trying to rent any serviced office throughout Singapore, verify out our comprehensive directory regarding serviced offices within Singapore now.

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